Why Rent Safe?

Rent Safe is a safe secure safe online platform to rent real-estate across Canada. Renters can have confidence in working directly with Property Management Companies & Property Managers directly to secure a safe VERIFIED local residential rental.

Rent Safe 3 tiers of safety:

  1. Rent Safe works directly with Property Management Companies directly to list verified rentals, these rentals are vetted and provided with the Rent Safe shield of approval.
  2. Rent Safe works directly with pre-sales and 3 party renters to manually verify and vet all rental listings, you can be assured what you see available is updated in real-time.
  3. Not all rental listings can be pre-approved that's why at Rent Safe we work directly with property owners & Property Managers, on the odd occasion a rental property has not be vetted by or team we caution the renter.

Our approach is Simplicity, Quality & Value

SIMPLICITY - Simple online rental platform, view listing, and contact Property Managers directly via - Email and Phone #.

Quality - Verified quality rentals, all out rentals are scrubbed and vetted we only work with Property Managers and Developers.

Value - Rent Safe is 100% FREE for the Renter

Finding a rental in the highly competitive market place of Vancouver can be a daunting task, that why at Rent Safe we take all the stress out of the rental process from providing up-to-date rentals available in your area, verifying these rentals (we make sure they are what they say they are) to getting you in touch directly with the property manager to book a viewing or rent right away.

Whether you're new to the city or a local Rent Safe, does all the hard work rent with confidence and work with professionals to quickly and safely rent.